The Sun EP

by Cambrian Explosion

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genesisjames thumbnail
genesisjames Very nice first steps into the music world for this band. You can see the formation of their sound (which gets even better on The Moon EP), and there's a nice variety with the song structures and instrumentation. Definitely check out their other EP that I mentioned earlier, as well! Favorite track: Black Maven.
Dino Solar
Dino Solar thumbnail
Dino Solar wow just amazing I just bought your The Moon EP on vinyl sounds amazing, when are you going to release this on vinyl, cause I will for sure buy it. Keep it coming guys. Favorite track: Umbra of Mind.
The Fuzz
The Fuzz thumbnail
The Fuzz Cambrian Explosion is like sex for the ears - and this record is just eargasm after eargasm Favorite track: Temple Song.
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This is our first release ever which we recorded by ourselves in our jam space.


released August 20, 2013

Recorded and produced by Nori Lockhart




Cambrian Explosion Portland, Oregon

Cosmic sorcerers from Portland, OR

Nori Lockhart - guitar, vocals
Ben Dorothy - drums, vocals
Derrin Twiford - keyboards, percussion
Archie Heald - bass

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Track Name: Umbra of Mind
Close your eyes, in the dark or otherwise
The significance, see the faint lights dance
Behind your eyelids, the darkness never as vivid
Brighter and brighter, see the deepest of shadows

In the deepest of shadows
Senses all swallowed
Our bodies so hollow

Open your eyes, where there's no light
The deceptive walls are bound to melt and fall
The force of stream like thoughts in your dreams
Let it sink in, the pouring black ink

In the deepest of shadows
Senses all swallowed
Our bodies so hollow

The deepest of shadows will take you in
The deepest of shadows will make you see
The deepest of shadows, the deepest of your mind
Track Name: The Sun
Searing so high
In the morning sky
The Sun has risen

East clouds ignite
Of the glaring light
The Sun burns the horizon
To crimson

You can sense it bright
Behind the shades of night
Even the Sun has no reason to be
Track Name: Black Maven
Nobody can see it, only through my eyes
Nobody can feel it, or touch it
It's the black maven talking to me all the time
24/7 of pantomime, it's eating me alive
Something divine is in my mind

I got a hole in my head and it won't leave me alone
I got mine and you got your own

Somewhere inside your head, it sees what you see
Manipulating you night and day
Something divine is in your mind too

You got a hole in your head and it won't leave you alone
I got mine and you got your own
I got a hole in my head and it won't leave me alone
I got mine and you got your own

Get out of my head, so I could be free
Or just kill me instead, I hope I could be free
Track Name: Temple Song
Hey, come on over
Hey, come on over
See without seeing
Dream without sleeping